Like a Quarterback Leading Your Recovery

An American football play diagram on a green chalkboard

An American football play diagram on a green chalkboard

Pardon the sports analogy, but you probably get the idea. Just like a quarterback leads a team on the field toward a specific goal, a physiatrist leads a team of other specialists toward your goal of recovery.

Conservative Treatments

Your physiatrist will first exhaust all of the options of minimally invasive care first before ever considering surgery. However, if your injuries require surgery, your physiatrist will help you find a qualified surgeon based on experience and expected outcomes.

Leading the Team Toward Your Recovery

Because your physiatrist looks at how all the systems in the body are connected, they work with a lot of different types of doctors. Your pain may ultimately require surgery, so an orthopedist would be referred. Or, perhaps you need help regaining speech proficiency after an accident, where a language pathologist would be appropriate. Your physical recovery and wellness is the outcome every physiatrist seeks, so treating, recommending and overseeing the proper care what you should expect. Care Ecosystem

The Quarterback Needs to Know Every Position and Play

The quarterback on the field has to know hundreds of plays and exactly where all eleven players are going to be at any given time. Your physiatrist has to do the same with other specialties and practitioners helping in you your care. But that’s not all. Because no two patients, injuries or pain levels are ever the same. As such, no two patient recovery plans are the same. Working with your physiatrist, you’ll develop a personalized recovery plan—your own X’s and O’s on the chalkboard—that is tailored to your injury, body, lifestyle, ability and desired outcomes.

Jogging at Central Park.

Working with a physiatrist is the best way to prevent pain and injury from sidelining you. Set an appointment today.